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Captivating Trinity: Prints for Sale!

Okay Folks, it looks like everything with the Photography site is going well, just starting out, there isn’t a lot of pictures, but hey, gotta start somewhere right! There will be at least 100 pics for you to choose from, but if you see something on my original site, Captivatephotogallery.wordpress.com that’s not on the purchasing site, just let me know and I will do those prints for you as well.

Tomorrow we launch! Only one thing I will change in the future, when you make a purchase, it doesn’t go back to the purchasing site. It stays in paypal. So, I suggest, when you pay for your print, right-click on the payment button and open in a new window/tab. That way you don’t lose your spot on the site. 🙂

You can also save your favorite pictures for future references. The site will remember you when you log back on with your computer.Cool, huh!


For tomorrow, May 18, 2012>In the morning, or should I say, when I wake up…Lol, I will tweet out what you need to do to win a free 8×10 print from my new site!  The first three people to do this wins!

After you are notified that you have won, please go to the site and choose your picture!  Then Check out as usual and I will DM you a code you can use that will put your balance to 0.00.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL.  It will say, Thank you for your order.  After that, DM me and notify me that you just placed an order and let me know what pic you chose so I know it is you that just ordered!!!

I will then immediately start working on your order.  You should have it by the end of next week, the latest, but hopefully sooner than that.  You see, you are helping me see how long it takes to ship and I am helping you see the quality of my pics!  It is a win win situation!

All I ask is that if you love your pic, spread the word and become a regular customer!  I sell separate prints as well as wallets.  Everyone needs wallets at some point and time.  I will be happy to provide them to you!  Remember, these prints are not CVS prints, Wal-Mart prints, or anything like that.  They are Professional Prints.  I want to stress that.  It is like going to a Professional Photographer to get your wedding pictures done.  THAT, my friend, will be the quality of your picture.

I use a Nikon D5100 DSLR camera.  If you live in the DMV area (D.C, Maryland, Virginia) and would like a photo session, please tweet me and we can set something up!  Of course I will have my hubby with me to help with the equipment.

Every single print you get is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!  If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your print, you may send it back to me and I will give you a FULL REFUND minus shipping and handling.

I hope you enjoy your prints for years to come.  I can also do calendars, cards, photo cubes, frames, touch ups, and much more.  If you have a special interest that you would like to add to your photo, just let me know and we will make it happen!***

***There is an extra fee for anything that is requested and not included in the original prices on the site.