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Here are some warm-up pictures of the DC United versus Seattle game that just passed.  I apologize for the darkness of the pictures.  There seems to be some technical difficulties on WordPress’ end because the pictures look totally different  once they are posted on WordPress.  Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.  There will be more pics to follow.  Enjoy.

TIFO Photography from the DC United vs FC Dallas Game

I know it’s been a while but here it is…some TIFO pics from the DC United vs FC Dallas game at RFK Stadium.  I wasn’t feeling good this day so I didn’t get a lot of pics like I did of the DC United vs Seattle game…plus I went prepared for that one…trust me!  I think every DCU fan did…Lol.  I will be posting those pics as well.  There are hundreds of those, so please be patient as I pick out the funniest, coolest, sharpest, and silliest of the bunch.