Introduction to Sebastian…Part One

Well, folks, the time has finally come.  God has given me the most unusual cat.

My cats always cheer me up when I’m in pain.  But Sebastian just makes me laugh.  I know God specifically created him just for me.

And I have about a million and one pictures to prove it.  Here is just an introduction to Sebastian.

Sebastian loves getting his picture taken. He looks forward to our little photo shoots.

This is Sebastian hiding from the Comcast guy…Lol.  “If I just stand still, maybe he’ll go away.”

This lady again…always with the pictures.

Yeah!  Where’s my five dollars?

It’s adorable when cats act like they’re sleeping, but they’re really not.

Sometimes, every now and then, Sebastian gets possessed by a demon. “I’ll swallow your soul, I’ll swallow your soul!” – Evil Dead movie.

 “I know there was a ball here somewhere…”

Fine, fine.  Here, I’ll swat this around a couple times to amuse you.  Are you happy now?

See, there…I touched it.  Can I go to sleep now? Wait, this feather wants a piece of me.  Oh, it’s on!

Lucy didn’t have to jump kick me in the eye to get the feather.  She could have just asked me for it.