Introduction to Sebastian…Part Two

Here is Part Two of my crazy cat, Sebastian.  Now, keep in mind, these pictures are only an introduction to the many faces of Sebastian.  I will post a few pictures of both cats together soon.  Enjoy!

So, who are you people anyway?

You think I don’t know what this is all about…but I know…Oh, how I know…yes…I’ve heard about you people…looking at pictures of my kind and laughing.  you think this is a joke, huh.  Wait, can you do me a favor and scratch the top of my head please?  It’s been driving me crazy for hours!

What’s with the rag?  Looook, you don’t need that.  Here, let me lick the lens for you and we can continue with the more ME time.  WHAAAaaat?  Whadaya mean I can’t do that?  Just trust me…Look, again with the rag.  This lady’s gotta have better vision than I do cause I don’t see a thing!

Are you sure that light’s bright enough?  I don’t wanna look old in this pic.  You know with the flash and the light.  Are you recording this?

And there she goes with the flash…That pic better not make its way to the public.  You’re gonna post it, aren’t you? What’s so funny?

Are you serious?  No, she didn’t!

That Cable guy will never find me here…hehehe.

Maybe if I hide over here, no one will notice me…shhhh, don’t tell Sebastian.

Always someone trying to get their five minutes of fame, geez I tell ya…

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