First Snow Day of 2012


I took these pictures yesterday, January 9, 2012.  For us in Virginia, it was the first day of snow for the new year.  Even though it didn’t snow for long and it all melted by night, I still managed to get some nice pics.  Enjoy.

This has to be my favorite tree where I live. It is as tall at the building and beautiful in it's own way in that it's unique qualities made you wanna stare at it and continue taking pictures of it.


I took this picture when the snow started to turn into rain. This tree, to me, looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. It reminds me of one of those trees that can either help you along your journey or reach out and grab you to stop you from getting to your destination.


I love the was the color of the sky shines through the branches in this pic.


Another awesome mistake that made only the center focused and gave the picture an effect of everything else spinning around the focal point.


This tree seemed to welcome the snow on it's branches, as if calling out to each flake for a place to rest before melting.


Beautiful colors from the light that was shining above the building and the street lamps.


My fantasy fiction tree. It will make you think it's your friend by giving you that inviting feeling, making you think how easy it would be to climb it. But once you are close enough, the Tridandila will choose to grab you or comfort you. It strengthens with each snow fall.


I will put up a separate post for the few shots I got of this lamp. This was taken after it stopped snowing. The branches were wet and dripping with water.


UPDATE: It snowed again on January 20-21, 2012.  Unfortunately, it snowed throughout the night and I wasn’t able to get any pics.  When I woke up, the snow already began melting.  Let’s hope and pray for a real snow fall!  I can’t wait to take my camera to this little bridge in the woods where I can get some beautiful pictures for you!


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