Falling in love with Fall…


Ever wonder why it’s “Spring Forward – Fall Back…?”  I think it’s because God gives us extra time to enjoy the beautiful transformation that takes place around us.  Here are some examples of a few interesting trees I happen to have some pictures of.  Oh, and some squirrels.  I hope next year to capture the actual “falling” of the leaves.  That’s what truly separates Spring from Fall.  Enjoy.


I love trees...just not the bugs that live in them...Lol. Beautiful though. When I was a kid, I used to be all up in the woods. Now, you'd have to put me in a hazmat suit first!


This happened by accident. I have another picture where I changed my angle after seeing this one to get the shine just perfect. But this one means more to me. Especially the little leaf on the bark of the tree.


It's amazing how the leaves turn into more colors than there are in a rainbow. To watch then change right before your eyes would truly be a gift and takes lots of patience in this day and age.


This may look easy, but it takes lots of concentration and meditation. Ummmmmmmmmm.......Ummmmmmmmm....MMMMmmm, these nuts are good!


This beautiful tree stands wide even though it has a skinny tree trunk.


In the middle of apartment buildings and condos...you can still experience Fall.


You're lucky I'm a'hungry, or else I'd be fixin ta teach you a lesson with these here nuts!


Yeah, I see you. I see you seeing me. I know you see me seeing you seeing me. Yeah. I see you.


Is there something wrong with that little tree or is it just me???


These shadows seemed to stretch out at me as I walked by...grabbing my attention.


The leaves were so perfect that day, so crisp, you can almost hear them sing along with the birds.




2 thoughts on “Falling in love with Fall…

  1. I love the Crips colors of each photo especially the last one with the fiery red, orange and yellow leaves. So crisp. Nice I can’t wait to see what you are going to do for spring.

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