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The pictures above are all located in one of my posts.  I hope you enjoy the preview.  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you would like to see a picture of a particular object on my site.  Thank you for stopping by!  Enjoy.

-Venus Angelica Perez




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20 thoughts on “Home

  1. I think you’ve got a good eye. You need to wear a hazmat suit when anywhere near squirrels. They’re more dangerous than they look. You’ll end up missing if you’re not careful.

    • LOL, True, True. Especially where I live, the squirrels will wait until you walk right up to them after they’ve seen you a couple times. When they recognize you, they just stay right there and you gotta walk around them…Lol.

  2. Love the clouds, the heavens always fascinate me and you had the great timing and fantastic eye to catch it. I might need to use some of your photos on my other blog, fair warning 😉

    Thanks for sharing the link, I’ll put it on my feed.

    • Thank you so much. I’ll make sure to do that post (the sky) next as far as fixing the format. You may use my photos on your website if you give me credit and as long as you don’t print them out. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment!!!

  3. I’m just waiting patiently to be able to purchase a camera like yours! Ahhhh, I want it so bad! $$$$$$

  4. Hi, really enjoying your blog. Following from Ireland. The photographs give a great insight into life there and I especially like the nature and sport ones. Thanks again.

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